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Channeling - The Astral Dimension Empty Channeling - The Astral Dimension

Post  Miko on Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:32 pm

This channeling was cut short, but I put down what I could:

In the astral dimension, our abilities are limitless if only we realized at the time that they were. Our mindset puts us in a state where everything that is going on around us is uncontrollable. When we realize that we are dreaming, we can control everything that is going on around us at that point. It becomes less real, less magical, and probably a little more boring yet more understandable at the same time. That is our world now, except in the opposite, we want everything to be controlled, and if it’s not, we end up doing horrible things to regain that control. We react with our programming, that is, our instincts and our learned behaviors. We do not realize our own potential in this reality, that we can fly, that we can read minds, that we can move things with our minds as well, that we actually DO have control.

A bleedthrough is what I refer to as two dimensions bleeding through to each other, they are two intersecting planes, much like you would learn in geometry class. The intersection of these two points are vortexes that open up and allow things to occur like ghostly phenomenon or seeing a leprechaun in your backyard. It is rare that humans slip into these vortices, and when such opportunities arise, we reject with intense fear, and a good reason to do so. We do not know what will happen to us when we go down that dark hole, and we don’t trust the entities that may try to persuade us; which is good.

The astral plane is at a 45 degree angle with the physical plane that you are on now. It’s difficult to imagine that a dimension is sitting at an angle to our own, but that is the case. They don’t always just sit on top of one another. So when you come across a vortex, it is not swirling in the air, but in the ground where the points intersect. This is where the beings emerge, out of the ground. There are many different dimensions and they all have different states of mind. Your state of mind now is one of being in a physical body with limited abilities. Your range of thinking and feeling are based solely on your brain and the chemical reactions of said brain. Everything has to be touched, felt, tasted, or seen through the body, or else there is nothing to experience or to express. On many planes the sensation of touch is nonexistent, so is taste, or sight or smell, etc. There are states of existence where nothing that is experienced by our known physical body is even facilitated. One is that of a collective mind that is of infinite love and wisdom; a state of being where most of us start out from.

The astral plane is starting to bleed through into our known reality. The breakdown of the netting of protection is caused by coronal mass ejections that interfere with the electro-magnetic encasing. This encasing looks like a giant red rubix cube around the planet. (or I should interject and say a giant red three dimensional grid) yes, that is what I mean by rubix cube, dear. This (grid) was encased around the planet millennia ago. It has kept the animals and humans [of earth] in an illusionary state of existence; a suppressed 3rd dimension. This was done for the safety of the planet and for the protection of the species. It is a vibrating grid that keeps the planet locked where it is. The breakdown of the grid is inevitable. It cannot be reversed. It will propel mankind into a new age of thinking and of being. It is a wondrous event, filled with elation and understanding of our purpose. We will know each other. We will understand each other. We will be filled with love and of joy as we completely understand our connection with each other.

(at this point I am confused, why is it even there if this is such a good thing that it collapses?)
The grid was erected to prevent outside sources from interfering with the human populace. To keep them from taking over, eradicating, teaching, etc. Anything was fair game. It keeps humans from seeing them and being affected by their presence. They can see you though. ..

at this point I lost connection... more to come later


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