how will my year go for me anyone know?

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how will my year go for me anyone know?

Post  j7 on Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:40 pm

hello i am looking for readings about my year this year i been struggling with money i am suppossed to get to go do the lords work was looking on insite for my year im year of the wood tiger 1974 and month of the sagutaarious 18th
born seoul south korea presently in oklahoma city oklahoma usa

my grandfather was a very good pyschic but i struggle with my visions and seem god3x since i been sick i am waiting on my social security because i have god complex and hallicunations or visions telling me im god etc
i need enlightenment thnks


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Your Year

Post  Cazzamarra on Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:18 pm

You don't need a psychic, you need a psychiatrist!

If you have hallucinations then you are either schizophrenic, or you are taking drugs that are causing you to see things. Your life is not going to improve this year, because you are deluded and if your grandfather was a very good psychic then he should have told you already how your year was going to be this year.

If you have seen God three times, what exactly are you supposed to do? Stay on welfare and spread the word. That is completely insane, and down-right lazy. You have posted three separate messages wanting insight and two of those messages talk about money, however, if you are supposed to be doing the Lord's work, surely he would provide for you?

I think you should stop asking a psychic for insight into your financial matters, and start asking a doctor for anti-psychotic medication.


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