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Post  hezza on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:24 pm

My name is Heather and I have had different abilities all my life. My first experience I remember was when I was 5 years old. I’ve heard spirits whisper to me from the time I was a little girl to now. My name will be called out, I would hear “Don’t do that”, “Watch out” and other affirmations. I constantly see shadow figures and movements, especially when I’ve not had much sleep. (I suffer from insomnia.) I have just begun to see “negative image” figures around.
I’ve also have a strange ability to find someone. If I focus on an image of a person and raise my left had, I will feel a heat on my palm that will tell me which way to go. I used to amaze my friends when we would meet up, they wouldn’t tell me what club or restaurant they were in, but the basic area. I would say this works about 75% of the time. Unfortunately on for me this doesn’t work on keys.
The other odd thing I have been able to do is control candle flames. In a non drafty room I can sit 6 feet away from the candle and make it flicker rapidly or burn still.
I feel the energy of others and tend to react unconsciously to the energy. I tend to get emotionally fatigued in shopping areas, or places with large groups of people after an hour. With one on one contact, I can adjust my vocabulary and mannerisms to the person with out even realizing it.
I’m looking for people to help me harness and develop, and to reach out to others with gifts that may not be able to talk about it with their own group of family and friends.
Ok, that is a brief description. Look forward to meeting other like minded folks.


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